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We’re small, mostly humble, and hungry for a challenge. We won’t pitch you. No fluff, sales presentations or gimmicks. We pride ourselves in doing meaningful work; crafting solutions that help your business or nonprofit standout and grow.

Alrighty, that’s nice, what does this mean for me?

We see projects as partnerships. We know a whole heck of a lot about the interwebs and branding, while you have metric shedloads to share about your organization. We start with a whole lot of listening and collaboration. Not “sure, we’ll bang out this thing for you and send you an invoice.” Nah. More like “you and I are about to get up close and personal for a bit while we dig for your goals and get to inundate us with wishes and details about your organization.” The result? All this listening, learning, collaborating lays the foundation for a solid strategy.


A list of our services

CMS and e-commerce

Nowadays there is a rapid growth in terms of eCommerce business. It is the best platform to expand the business in order to reach up to the global market. Integration of content management systems with eCommerce can be a path to success for today’s eCommerce business. Cyclops Web is an eCommerce website development company that has an experienced team of eCommerce website developers, with a solid skill-set steeped in development, designing and integration. What makes Cyclops Web stand out from other ecommerce development companies is that we focus on delivering quality designs to our valued clients. If you wish to get high quality CMS and eCommerce platforms designed, feel free to get in touch with Cyclops Web today.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development companies have to be constantly updated with the recent trends and guidelines for creating effective mobile applications. As a reputed mobile app development company, Cyclops Web works with a team of highly creative designers who are experts at developing mobile applications for various platforms including android, ios and cross platform. Our goal is to create the most unique mobile applications for your business and play our part in the growth of your company.

UI/UX Development

Nowadays there are so much importance on user-centered app design. Be it mobile app development or website app development there is so much emphasis on how aesthetically appealing it is. Cyclops Web is a company that is driven by a team of design specialists who are skilled at designing quality assured UI UX designs for your website as well as mobile applications. Be it for Website Design, Mobile App UI or simply HTML Coding for your website or mobile app, choose Cyclops Web and we shall take care of the rest.

Digital Marketing

The perfect marketing service provider will ensure that your marketing strategies are aligned with your organizational and more importantly, sales goals. Today, in every business marketing is a significant tool for profit generation. At Cyclops Web, we ensure that our clients get the best of strategies such as SEO marketing, content marketing and brand marketing. With Cyclops Web, you can not only get the perfect digital marketing services for your organization, you can also get constant assistance and guidance at every step of the way.

Web Development

We pride ourselves on acing the art of programming and creating unique web applications. The aesthetic side of a good website lies in the hands of a smart web developer, which is exactly what you get when you choose Cyclops.


Our morals and our work ethic make sure that we deliver only the best to our clients.


We endeavor to create something new and innovative with every project that we take up


We strive to provide the very best IT solution possible for any problem that you might be facing


We are careful and diligent about every single aspect of your project ensuring only the best for you

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